mission, vision & values

Our company builds on an impressive heritage of pioneering success and growth. Our vision, mission and core values lay the foundation for high performance – today and into the future. 


To be a customer-first project logistics specialist, leading the way in our industry with an agile approach. 


To facilitate trade and support global economic development, one client and one project at a time. 

Core Values

In a complex and ever-changing world, constant values are crucial for a successful approach to doing business. We subscribe to a distinct set of core values, which drive the way we operate.


Our goal is excellence in the timely positioning of materials, resources and information. Our guiding principle is to deliver your shipments safely to the right place, at the right time, at the right quality and at the right price.

Constant care

Our ethos in supplying global logistics management is to be innovative, flexible and adaptable. We are committed to sustained quality and improvement processes.

We handle your shipment from start to finish and remain dedicated to delivering the best service at all times.


Our word is our bond. We attach the utmost importance to honesty, accountability and transparency. A strict anti-bribery policy, backed by implementation programmes, is in place for every employee and supplier.


We have great passion and pride in what we do and how we do it. We place great value on creating the right environment for our people. We provide opportunities for continual professional and personal development and we reward performance.

Warning: Phishing email alert

We are aware of a repeated impersonation by an ‘Anthony Tom’ using an @gmail.com address claiming to be a Project Manager at Trans Global Projects Limited.

This is a Nigeria-based scam and should be treated as a phishing email.

We deny any association with the fraudsters.

The matter has been reported and is under investigation.