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construction & infrastructure

Active in some of the world’s most significant construction and infrastructure projects, Trans Global Projects’ commitment to innovation and first-class service helps clients manage logistical complexities while adhering to evolving industry requirements.

Over the past 30+ years, TGP has built up the expertise to develop and realise safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions to almost any construction or infrastructure project logistics challenge. Our experience covers a wide range of demanding projects, such as supplying Antarctica with all the construction materials needed to build a new wharf while adhering to strict biosecurity regulations or providing security for sensitive construction modules transiting Pakistan en route to Afghanistan.

As a company, our mission is to make logistics simple and efficient for our clients in the construction industry. Embracing a ‘one-stop-shop’ concept, we cover all steps of the logistics chain, providing you with everything from extensive route analysis to tailor-made transport solutions. When it comes time to execute our project logistics plan, our team of professionals manages all the variables and works on a strict schedule to minimise the impacts on the environment and surrounding community.

With a global pool of expertise and office locations, we have a thorough understanding of local rules and regulations. This in-depth knowledge ­– combined with our extensive planning and creative engineering ­– provides the key to keeping construction and infrastructure projects running on time and within budget.