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Demobilisation of a remote aircraft operations base

The Trans Global Projects Group was in charge of the decommission and removal of all infrastructure, engineering facilities, stores and support services for a remote aircraft operations base and passenger handling facility in South East Asia.

The challenge: Solving a puzzle with over 14,000 pieces in three days

The project included a large multitude of shipments. A total of 27 demountable buildings and workshops, ten storage containers, fuel, oil and chemical storage areas as well as an equipment maintenance facility had to be demobilised. Furthermore, the project required two aircraft and 138 tonnes of ground handling and support equipment. TGP was also responsible for the demobilisation of 14,000 stock keeping units (SKU) maintenance stores and the environmental restoration of the site.

Our team not only had to remove a very large quantity of buildings and infrastructure, but they also had to do it under an extremely tight timeline. The aircraft operations base was fully operational, and 70% of the units were to be removed in the final three days. Furthermore, limited local infrastructure and restricted developments created additional challenging conditions.

Our solution: Unlocking the simplest plan for a complex job

Right off the bat, our experts prepared a comprehensive demobilisation plan and completed an environmental assessment of the site.

The team started with the full identification of all equipment, materials and buildings and assessed the plant and equipment locally available. They then proceeded with the design and provision of specialised equipment not locally available. This included jacking and lifting equipment, packing materials, tooling and transport. Non-critical assets, buildings and services in phases were then removed prior to the final demobilisation and dismantling of site equipment.

The preparation of final shipping and customs documents and the cleaning and packing of all materials and equipment was made before shipments began. Afterwards, the removal of all ground services, power, water and sanitation was carried out. The demolition and removal of permanent storage facilities and all buildings and stores formed the final part of the demobilisation.

Once the packing was completed and the shipments on their way to various global locations, the removal of the top soil and restoration of site to original condition was completed.

The results: Acing the test of time

Everything went according to plan. Despite the remote location, lack of locally available infrastructure and time constraints, TGP completed the project ahead of schedule and the site was fully returned to its original condition.

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Warning: Phishing email alert

We are aware of a repeated impersonation by an ‘Anthony Tom’ using an address claiming to be a Project Manager at Trans Global Projects Limited.

This is a Nigeria-based scam and should be treated as a phishing email.

We deny any association with the fraudsters.

The matter has been reported and is under investigation.