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Delivering refined logistics solutions

A large oil company in Azerbaijan set an ambitious target for the modernisation and reconstruction of its refinery: increasing the production capacity to 7.5 million mt per year, while meeting the quantity and quality requirements of products to feed a petrochemical plant and to produce Euro V quality automotive transportation fuels. To complete this challenging upgrade, the Trans Global Projects Group was asked to provide big logistics solutions for the transport of even bigger cargo items.

The challenge: Four giant shipments – two continents – one upgrade

We were asked to deliver four giant structures to Azerbaijan from four different points of origin across two continents: a reactor from India, a stripper from Turkey, a reactor/feed effluent exchanger from South Korea and piping from Italy.

For the project to be successful, all four shipments needed to be delivered to the jobsite in Azerbaijan on time and within budget. But with complex transport regulations, complicated transit routes and single lifts of over 550 mt, swiftly moving the cargo from the four departure points to the single point of destination was not going to be an easy task.

To get the job done, our client needed customs brokerage expertise, smart multimodal transport concepts and skilled heavy lift engineering services. Enter: our team of specialists.

Our solution: Streamlined execution for a complex job

To manage all of the project’s complexities and avoid potentially costly delays, careful planning and execution had to go hand in hand with speed. Our team hit the ground running and efficiently completed all preliminary work, assessing routes, applying for road permits and organising special lift arrangements.

During the route assessment, we identified multiple potential pinch points and overhead obstacles, and our team was able to devise smart packing solutions to avoid obstruction and prevent delay.

To successfully move the shipments from their four departure points along the complicated route to Azerbaijan, multiple river vessels, an ocean vessel, a RoRo vessel, a 16-axle trailer, two 20-axle trailers, several MAFI trailers and a low-bed truck came into action. By taking a proactive approach to planning and communication, we had the right vessels, the right vehicles and the right equipment in the right place at the right time.

The results: A smooth, swift and safe delivery

By mobilising the skills and resources needed to take on four oversized shipments from across the world, we achieved time-saving efficiencies, ensuring the delivery was completed safely and on schedule. With the equipment delivered to site, the refinery upgrade project was completed on a fast-track basis, and as a result, today, the local Azeri economy and environment is benefitting significantly.

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Warning: Phishing email alert

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