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Raising wind turbines and lowering downtime

As finding viable sources of clean energy becomes increasingly important to combat climate change and power the future, wind power providers enjoy significant opportunities. At the same time, they also face some challenges, particularly when it comes to logistics. Such was the case for a global construction company that called on the Trans Global Projects Group to deliver six 2.5 MW turbines from Tianjin and Taicang, China, to the port city of Laem Chabang in Thailand.

The challenge: In high demand – and hard to carry

Moving enormous wind turbines over thousands of kilometres is no small feat, and the stakes of this project, like the turbines themselves, were high. The bulky, fragile nature of the turbine parts meant transportation would be a fraught process; if any parts were scratched, they would need to be returned to the workshop for repairs. Additionally, two types of customs clearance would be required in China: one for the permanent export of the turbines and one for the temporary export of the transport saddles.

For the shipment to go smoothly, our client needed a high level of precision, coordination and special equipment – all managed by an expert team of logicians.

That’s where we came in.

Our solution: Two is better than one

Transporting multiple large-scale turbines typically involves many repetitions of single-set activities. The key to saving time is a combination of scale, efficient project management and operational excellence. For the delivery of these turbines, we achieved this synergy by pairing our manpower with our vast equipment base.

By carefully coordinating the right team and swiftly mobilising resources, we were able to simultaneously load two sea charters: one with the turbines’ nacelles and hubs and one with the load towers and blades. While time was of the essence, the cargo’s safety was just was important, and we devised precise plans for its stowage on board. We also carefully coordinated the right documentation for the dual customs clearance in China, further ruling out any chance of delays.

The results: Powering the energy revolution

Thanks to our team’s hard work and efficient planning, we successfully delivered the six turbines to Laem Chabang safely and on time. With the delivery complete, our client could begin constructing the turbines and so providing thousands of homes and businesses with clean energy.

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Warning: Phishing email alert

We are aware of a repeated impersonation by an ‘Anthony Tom’ using an address claiming to be a Project Manager at Trans Global Projects Limited.

This is a Nigeria-based scam and should be treated as a phishing email.

We deny any association with the fraudsters.

The matter has been reported and is under investigation.