executive board

The Trans Global Projects Group is run by a stable management team with a strong track record.

regional directors

Azer Aliyev


Azer joined the Trans Global Projects Group in 1993 and is based in Baku, Azerbaijan. While much of his over 20-year career in project logistics has been based around the energy industry, Azer’s expertise has also been used by Hollywood, as he was in charge of meeting James Bond’s logistics needs in "The World is Not Enough". Due to his broad experience, Azer is responsible for the company being recognised today as one of the leading logistics providers in this energy-rich geographical region.

Steve Sullivan


Steve joined Trans Global Projects Australia in 2010 to look after the country’s growing project portfolio. His 20 years’ experience in the local mining, oil and gas and energy sectors assisted in the execution of a number of technically challenging projects for some of the world’s biggest companies. In 2015 Steve was appointed as a director to help drive the company’s success further.

Daniel Tinarwo


Based for Trans Global Projects in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Daniel brings to the Group a wide-ranging logistics experience within sub-Saharan Africa, where he has worked and travelled extensively. Daniel has profound knowledge of logistics for the mining industry in Africa and has been involved in managing several major iron ore projects, most recently in Sierra Leone itself but also in other sub-Saharan countries. Before he specialised in mining logistics, Daniel managed an international military supply chain.

Julian Clarke


One of the founders of Trans Global Projects in 1988, Julian is a long-standing member of the management team. He is currently based in Houston, where he manages the Group’s entire activities in the USA. Julian has previously headed up a wide range of project logistics teams from around the world. His previous assignments have included locations as diverse as Thailand, Australia, Sakhalin Island and China.