executive board

The Trans Global Projects Group is run by a stable management team with a strong track record.

principal directors

Colin Charnock


A founder of Trans Global Projects in 1988, Colin uses more than three decades of experience in the sector to lead the Group’s global business strategy. Whilst he is proud of the successful international company TGP has become, one of his defining moments was the award to the company of a total logistics contract for one of the first generation of mega-projects in 2000. To this day, this giant gas condensate project remains one of the most innovative contracts of its type ever undertaken in the project logistics industry.

Andrew Herbert


Andrew takes overall financial responsibility for the Trans Global Projects Group. Previously, he worked as Chief Financial Officer for two international mining companies. With more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector, Andrew worked in various locations, for example in the Far East, the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Africa. His international background and strong financial and industry expertise ensure that Andrew is ideally equipped for the challenge of developing the Group’s businesses in international markets.

Matt Jackson


Responsible for the acquisition and development of business worldwide, Matt supports Trans Global Projects’ various regional subsidiaries to ensure each contract is a success. During more than 20 years with the group, Matt has been resident or semi-resident in five countries, conducting business in more than 50 countries around the world. One of the most satisfying aspects about his work is the international teamwork he regularly experiences as individuals pull together to overcome the many challenges of each project.

Marc Cowie


Marc has been with the Trans Global Projects Group for over 20 years. During that time, he successfully managed a plethora of major projects across a range of worldwide locations, most notably in countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, the North Sea, New Caledonia, Australia and Iraq. Marc has a UK degree in Maritime Law and is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. He is presently the Group Operations Director and based in the UK.

Simon Duke


Previously based in China, Simon joined Trans Global Projects' Perth office in 2009. From there he led the Australia team’s highly successful achievements in executing numerous technically challenging logistics contracts for some of the country’s largest oil and gas, mining and power projects in recent years. To further develop our already well established office in the Middle East, Simon eventually relocated to Dubai, where he leads our team in the Middle East and India.

Steve Hutty


Steve joined the Trans Global Projects Group in 2022 as Global Chartering Director to manage charter contracts and oversee global carrier policies and relationships. Over his nearly 30 years in the industry, Steve has held senior leadership positions at various global shipping companies within operational and chartering divisions. With a wealth of experience in the projects sector, Steve leads our Group in providing tailor-made chartering solutions to clients around the world.

regional directors

Steve Sullivan


Steve joined Trans Global Projects Australia in 2010 to look after the country’s growing project portfolio. His 20 years’ experience in the local mining, oil and gas and energy sectors assisted in the execution of a number of technically challenging projects for some of the world’s biggest companies. In 2015 Steve was appointed as a director to help drive the company’s success further.

Ashleigh Swartz


Ashleigh joined Trans Global Projects in 2018 to oversee the company’s activities in Australia’s eastern states. Having worked in supply chain management and project logistics for more than 25 years, Ashleigh brings a wealth of industry expertise, a strong customer focus and a solution-oriented approach. Prioritising continual learning and development, she has attained multiple industry qualifications and awards for high-performance leadership. Today, she guides our local teams in serving key clients across the region, strategically planning and executing projects and advancing the future of the Group’s activities in eastern Australia.

Renato Mello


Renato joined Trans Global Projects in 2022 to lead the Group in providing tailor-made logistics services to customers across Brazil. With well over a decade of experience in the logistics industry, Renato has held senior positions in business development and project management at various global companies. Bringing strong knowledge of the Brazilian market and a client-orientated mindset, Renato guides our local teams delivering complex projects for numerous industries.

Marco Bregoli


Having been with the company since 1996, Marco is a long-standing member of the management team. He is located in the Group’s office in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and spends parts of his time in the European office in Switzerland, where he oversees all of the Group’s South American activities as well as the business development of European clients within South America. Marco has over 25 years of experience in business development, planning and execution in various different parts of the world, including Latin America, Europe and the USA. Bringing the ideal combination of European efficiency and Latin flexibility, Marco’s capabilities complement the Group’s leadership team.

Azer Aliyev


Azer joined the Trans Global Projects Group in 1993 and is based in Baku, Azerbaijan. While much of his over 20-year career in project logistics has been based around the energy industry, Azer’s expertise has also been used by Hollywood, as he was in charge of meeting James Bond’s logistics needs in "The World is Not Enough". Due to his broad experience, Azer is responsible for the company being recognised today as one of the leading logistics providers in this energy-rich geographical region.

Churchill Liu


Churchill joined Trans Global Projects as Managing Director China in 2019 to oversee and promote the Group’s expertise across Greater China. Bringing over 15 years of experience in international logistics, Churchill is well versed in all aspects of project logistics management, with specialties in the oil and gas, power and renewables sectors. Utilising his extensive business and cultural knowledge of the Far East, Churchill leads our Group in providing tailor-made logistics services to clients in China across numerous industries.

Andreas Menzel


Andreas joined Trans Global Projects in 2021. As Managing Director Germany, Andreas oversees all of TGP Germany’s current activities as well as drives the business’s growth strategies. Bringing almost two decades of experience in the logistics industry, Andreas has held various senior management roles at numerous leading European logistics companies. His strong background in the project management sector and deep understanding of business development inside the German market ensure Andreas is well equipped to further advance the future of TGP GmbH.

Julian Clarke


One of the founders of Trans Global Projects in 1988, Julian is a long-standing member of the management team. He is currently based in Houston, where he manages the Group’s entire activities in the USA. Julian has previously headed up a wide range of project logistics teams from around the world. His previous assignments have included locations as diverse as Thailand, Australia, Sakhalin Island and China.