Case Study


Procuring a solution to a last-minute difficulty

The fast-track sourcing of a tanker weighbridge for an oil exploration site in Kurdistan was crucial for the successful implementation of the project. Our client, a global oil and gas company, was subject to a change by government regulators during the test phase of the site. The changed regulations stated that rather than being burned off, test phase oil must be shipped instead. This new development led to an urgent need to source fit-for-purpose equipment to accurately monitor transported oil volumes.

Trans Global Projects sourced a fully ATEX compliant weighbridge from a market-leading EU supplier. This was supplied at a cost-saving against competing offers and was selected both for its accuracy and because it required the minimum in building foundations, so supporting the very tight timescale.

The client was pleased with the speed and quality of response, as well as the cost-saving and has since further utilised the Trans Global Projects Group’s procurement service.